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UPDATED, Outdoor Sports Photographers List.

Some of these guys have moved on and most can shoot more sports than I’ve listed but all will blow your mind with crazy action or travel photos.

Jackson Hole, WY
Wade McKoy– Skiing
Andrew McGarry– Climbing
Chris Figenshau– Skiing
Greg Von Doersten– Climbing, Skiing
Greg Epstein– Skiing
Jimmy Chin– Climbing
Gabe Rogel– Climbing, Skiing
Jeff Diener– Outdoors
David Stubbs– Outdoors
Jonathan Selkowitz– Outdoors

Cody, WY
Bobby Model– Climbing

Northern, CA
Amy Kumler– Surfing, Travel
Dan Patitucci– Climbing
Bill Stevenson– Skiing
Corey Rich– Climbing
Desre Pickers– Kayak
Christian Pondella– Skiing, Climbing
Jeff Pflueger– Kayak
Chris Burkard– Kayak
Jerry Dodrill– Climbing

San Francisco, CA
Martin Sundberg– Windsurfing
John Dickey– Climbing
Val Atkinson– Fly Fishing
Rod McLean– Outdoors

Southern, CA
Steve Casimiro– Skiing, Adventure
Kevin Zacher– Snowboarding
Embry Rucker– Snowboarding
Danny Zapalac– Snowboarding
Art Brewer– Surfing
Jim Russi– Surfing
Tom Servais– Surfing
Robert Brown– Surfing
David Troyer– Surfing
J. Grant Brittain– Skateboard
Scott Soens– Surfing
Jack English– Surfing
C&J Turner Forte– Travel
Tom Carey– Surfing
Chris Straley– Surfing
Mike O’Meally– Skateboard
Scott Pommier– Skateboard
Jon Humphries– Skateboard
Atiba Jefferson– Skateboard

Salt Lake City, UT
Matthew Turley– Skiing
Scott Markewitz– Skiing
Will Wissman– Skiing
Andrew Burr– Climbing
Lee Cohen– Skiing
Tim Kemple– Climbing
Adam Barker– Skiing
Mike Tittel– Outdoors
Nathan Smith– Climbing

Moab, UT
Whit Richardson– Climbing

Boulder, UT
Ace Kvale– Mountaineering

Portland, OR
Mark Gamba– Outdoor
Ty Milford– South Pole
Didrik Johnck– Expeditions
Jeff Curtes– Snowboarding
Justin Bailie– Climbing

Bend, OR
Ben Moon– Climbing
Brian O’Keefe– Fly Fishing

Seattle, WA
Jock Bradley– Kayak
Aaron Huey– Climbing
David Samuel Robbins Adventure Travel
Steve Macaulay Adventure Travel
Colin Meagher Mtn. Bike

Boulder or Denver, CO
Lucas Gilman– Kayak
Topher Donahue– Climbing
Brooks Freehill– Outdoors
Keith Ladzinski– Climbing
Daniel H. Bailey– Outdoors
Cary Jobe– Outdoor
Jad Davenport– Outdoors
Dunbar Hardy– Kayak
Marc Piscotty– Skiing

Durango, CO
Kennan Harvey– Outdoors
Randy Barnes– Outdoors
Chris Giles– Bike

Aspen, CO
Gregg Adams– Outdoors
Tyler Stableford– Climbing
David Clifford– Climbing
brian bailey– Skiing, Outdoors
Peter McBride– Adventure Travel

Telluride, CO
Ken Redding– Outdoors
Doug Berry– Outdoors
Brett Schreckengost– Outdoors

Vail, CO
Scott Cramer– Outdoors
Chris O’Connell– Skiing

Santa Fe, NM
Michael Clark– Climbing
Jen Judge– Outdoors

Flagstaff, AZ
Geoff Gourley– Rafting
Kyle George– Rafting
Dawn Kish– Rafting
John Burcham– Climbing

Missoula, MT
Noah Clayton– Outdoors
Heath Korvola– Outdoors

Bozeman, MT
Kristoffer Erickson– Mountaineering
Tony Demin– Outdoor
Cameron Lawson– Climbing
Marchesi Photo– Fly Fishing
Lynn Donaldson– Adventure Travel

Coeur D’Alene/Sandpoint, ID
Woods Wheatcroft– Outdoors
Doug Marshall– Skiing
Kirk Mastin– Climbing

Boise, ID
Chris Butler– Outdoors
Glenn Oakley– Outdoors

San Antonio, TX
Holly Wilmeth– Adventure Travel

Minneapolis, MN
Layne Kennedy– Dog Sled
Per Breiehagen– Outdoors
Scott A. Schneider– Mtn. Bike

Newport, RI
Onne Van Der Wal– Sailing
Michael Eudenbach– Sailing
Sandy Nesbitt– Kiteboarding

Ashville, NC
Harrison Shull– Climbing
McNair Evans– Outdoor

Tampa, FL
Chris Brown– Climbing

Atlanta, GA
Andrew Kornylak– Climbing

Portland, ME
Briget Besaw– Environment
Dennis Welsh– Kayak, Outdoors
Nick Lavecchia– Surfing

Burlington, VT
Skye Chalmers– Outdoors
Justin Cash– Outdoors

Hanover, NH
Chris Milliman– Mtn. Bike
Joe Klementovich– Mtn. Bike

Boston, MA
Heather McGrath– Outdoors

New York, NY
Alex di Suvero– Adventure
Samantha Moranville– Mtn. Bike
Michael Turek– Mtn. Bike
Tommy Snapwater– Surfing

Anchorage, AK
Matt Hage– Mountaineering

Erik Aeder– Surfing
Kanoa Zimmerman– Surfing
Sean Davey– Surfing
Brian Bielmann– Surfing
Scott Aichner– Surfing

Vancouver, CAN
John Gibson– Mtn. Bike
Ilja Herb Photography– Skiing
Kevin Arnold– Outdoors
Kari Medig– Skiing
Blake Jorgenson– Skiing, Mtn. Bike
Stephen Wilde– Mtn. Bike
Sterling Lorence– Mtn. Bike
Ian Hylands– Mtn. Bike
Rich Wheater– Climbing
Dano Pendygrasse– Snowboard

Rossland/Nelson, CAN
Steve Ogle– Outdoors
Derek Frankowski– Mtn. Bike

Canmore, CAN
Andrew Querner– Climbing

Calgary, CAN
Mark Gallup– Snowboard

Steve Razzetti– Adventure Travel
Ian Parnell– Climbing

Interlaken, Switzerland
Thomas Ulrich– Expedition, Mountaineering

Dustin Humphery– Surfing

Queensland, Australia
Tony Harrington– Surfing, Skiing
Ted Grambeau– Surfing

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Melvin Redeker– Mountaineering
Menno Boermans– Mountaineering

Tim McKenna– Surfing

John Callahan– Surfing

Stockholm, Sweden
Christian Aslund– Skiing
Vincent Skoglund– Snowboard
Daniel Blom– Snowboard

Göteborg, Sweden
Fredrick Schenholm– Snowboard

Åre, Sweden
Mattias Fredriksson– Skiing
Johan Ståhlberg– Skiing, Mtn. Bike

Hamburg, Germany
Lars Schneider– Outdoors

Munich, Germany
Christian Brecheis– Snowboard
Daniel Sommer– Snowboard

Chamonix, France
Rene Robert– Climbing
Natalie Mayer– Outdoors
Martin Hartley– Expedition
Olivier Renck– Climbing

Linz, Austria
Hermann Erber– Climbing

Hong Kong
Matthieu Paley– Culture

Zaragoza, Spain
Mike Randolph– Outdoors

South Africa
Gary Perkins– Mtn. Bike

New Zealand
Joe Harrison– Skiing

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  1. No one on snow with camera in New England? I guess the normal subzero winter weather with another minus 10 for wind chill puts a crimp on easy shooting and gear functioning. (We still ski better than those western powder pansies!)

  2. Here’s a question (and a pet peeve of mine):

    Why do photographers with domain names, i.e. myphotography.com, not use their domain names as their email address, i.e. mike@myphotography.com and instead use gmail, yahoo, hotmail, qwest, etc? You’ve got a flashy site and a domain name, but you fall short with the email address. Now a PE/AD has to remember your business name AND a different email address to get in touch with you.

    Any PEs/ADs out there with any thoughts on this? Does it matter?

  3. I’d love to see a list posted like this, but of Retouchers. For some reason, it seems very hard to locate quality retouchers. Would love to see it listed with specialty too, like “Beauty”, “Assemblage”, etc.

  4. if your taking recommendations , NYC’s Brian Gaberman, hands down one of the best skateboard photographers around, not on the list. The ny list is short and trite.

  5. Glad to see that I made the list! I’m actually relocating to Anchorage, Alaska for awhile beginning this fall.

    I just stumbled across your site, Rob, and I’ve enjoyed reading so far. Even added a link to it on my own blog.

  6. If I can add myself to the comments at least:

    Scott Dickerson, Homer, Alaska – Outdoors (especially surfing AK)

    Impressive list, thanks for sharing.