Inside The Great Magazines

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I’ll be checking out this series entitled Inside The Great Magazines, Produced by DLI Productions (here). I love it when people talk about how great a magazine is by referencing the photography.

National Geographic

Vanity Fair

Via, Mr. Magazine (here).

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  1. It’s a farce. If Vanity Fair valued photography as they say they do, they would pay the photographers for the value thats added. I suppose they pay their star contributors, but…this has been rehashed by more articulate voices than mine.

  2. ahumanbean

    Small reminder to American publishers: The World includes India, Indonesia, places east of the 0 degree meridien.

    The TV program was v. good. But for heaven’s sake, 2008 is not the time to be stating that “Life magazine defined America; no, not just America but the world”