The Art of the Personal Project is a crucial element to let potential buyers see how you think creatively on your own.  I am drawn to personal projects that have an interesting vision or that show something I have never seen before.  In this thread, I’ll include a link to each personal project with the artist statement so you can see more of the project. Please note: This thread is not affiliated with any company; I’m just featuring projects that I find.  Please DO NOT send me your work.  I do not take submissions.

Today’s featured artist:  Andrei Duman

Andrei Duman is an artist who never stops seeking innovative processes and pushing the proverbial creative envelope. 

With his childhood starting in communist Romania, devoid of color, Andrei first stepped into technicolor when he moved to the UK and saw sweet shops and magazines bursting with vivid hues. One magazine, aptly named BUGS!, caught his eye and serves as the inspiration for his project ExoSkeleton.

Under the stewardship of the Natural History Museum of San Diego and the University of California at Riverside, and in partnership with Phase One, Alpa, Sandisk Professional and Zerene Stacker, this project showcases Andrei’s creative versatility in harmony with his technological prowess.

To see more of this project, click here


APE contributor Suzanne Sease currently works as a consultant for photographers and illustrators around the world. She has been involved in the photography and illustration industry since the mid 80s.  After establishing the art-buying department at The Martin Agency, then working for Kaplan-Thaler, Capital One, Best Buy and numerous smaller agencies and companies, she decided to be a consultant in 1999. She has a Twitter feed with helpful marketing information because she believes that marketing should be driven by brand and not by specialty.  Follow her at @SuzanneSeaseInstagram

Success is more than a matter of your talent. It’s also a matter of doing a better job presenting it.  And that is what I do with decades of agency and in-house experience.

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