Heather Elder of Heather Elder Represents reached out to me yesterday to get the word out about helping the people of Ukraine through donations for beautiful photographic prints.  There is a link for other photographers beyond her roster to join in the efforts to help.  Together we can make a difference.

Photography has a unique ability to connect us to people in ways that words simply cannot. And, when disaster or life changing events hit, photography has the power to bring us together and remind us of our collective experiences and shared humanity.

With this understanding, Giving Photography was created to connect people and artists who want to make a difference, all while making the world a little more beautiful. And, right now, we want to focus our attention and efforts on aide to Ukraine. Whether you are a photographer, or someone interested in making a donation in exchange for print, we invite you to join us.

Link here if you are a photographer or artist who would like to use the #Giving Photography and your own social platforms to offer prints in exchange for donations.

Also, photographers in Heather Elder’s group are offering an 11″x17″ prints in exchange for a donation to World Central Kitchen or one of these vetted agencies.

Link here if you are looking to make a donation in exchange for a print. Or explore the #GivingPhotography for more options.

Giving Photography understands that people want to make a difference in the world and want to lead positive and impactful lives. By connecting photographers to buyers with shared philanthropic interests, Giving Photography can become the catalyst to start meaningful conversations around urgent issues and raise money to help support them; all while making the world a little more beautiful.

To see more of the prints and charities being supported, check out our website or follow us on Instagram.


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