That’s what defines somebody who is taking the medium seriously and passionately. It’s not just about pulling your camera out. Similar to writing. We can all write, we all have pens and paper, we can all write a poem if we want to, an article or a novel and some people are better at that than others, some people take it much more seriously. I could write a poem right now and it would be a really shitty poem, but another person who reads a lot of poetry, who thinks about poetry, who looks at the history of poetry, could be capable of making really good poetry. Everybody can make a picture, but some people are really good at it and treat it with a sense of importance and urgency, photography is an integral part of their life. And other people want to show their friends that they are having a nice meal. And I’m OK with that.

–Aaron Schuman

via Interview with Aaron Schuman | FK.

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  1. Thing is, in the same way that the discourse an expert in their field might have in a professional context (like a conference or book, for example) will be different from discussions over pints with friends, or banal but essential social exchanges of niceties with random strangers, even brilliant and serious photographers will simply “want to show their friends that they’re having a nice meal”. Photography has become an integral part of almost everyone’s life. For photographers, though, it’s also essential.

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