…clients aren’t talking at all.

GQ and Harper’s Bazaar, which are two of Richardson’s regular (and most frequent) editorial clients, according to the Jezebel list, didn’t respond to numerous phone calls and e-mails for comment. The Wall Street Journal magazine, which has hired Richardson for several celebrity shoots in recent months, said through spokesperson Arianna Imperato, “We’re going to decline to comment.”

Modeling agencies are also silent. Requests for comment from Wilhelmina, Next, and Muse went unanswered.

via PDNPulse » How Should Clients React to Sexual Coercion Allegations Against Terry Richardson?.

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  1. What are modeling agencies for?
    I find it interesting that the author puts the responsibility solely at the feet of the johns not the pimps.

  2. Bazaar responded by having another TR cover this month.

  3. How can anyone safely provide an answer to these allegations? If you side with Richardson you’ll have a good chance of being called a sexist perv. If you side with the alleged victims, you’re holding a kangaroo court. I’m sure there has been some shenanigans between Terry and some of his models…what a surprise. Like sex between models and photographers has never happened anywhere ever.

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