The emphasis is on looking, on touching and taking pleasure in photography and I wonder if this is not part of a shift in photography into something a little more pleasurable than some of the hairshirt attitudes alive and kicking in photography.

Sometimes you get the feeling that a lot of people involved in photography don’t really like photography or even looking at pictures (Susie Linfield wrote a book on this). To make a cooking analogy, it would be as if a food critic was only interested in the nutritional values or the source of the ingredients and was not at all interested in the taste, the smell or the texture of the food.

via Colin Pantall’s blog: Escape from the Taliban and the World Press Photo.

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  1. I ate with a group of chefs once.
    A good meal in pleasant surroundings made unbearable by their running critique of every detail.
    Perhaps you shouldn’t analyse your pleasures too much.
    At least not while you’re enjoying them.

    • I had the same experience last year. It felt more than a little bad mannered; they know the work in food like that. Perhaps we need less Berger and more Erwitt.

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