“I hope the internet is going to be a little safer now for all artists, all photographers,” he told PDN the day after the jury reached its verdict.

Morel also said he took personal satisfaction in defeating the teams of lawyers from AFP and Getty that he has been fighting for nearly four years.

“That was the most beautiful moment of my life, the look in their faces when they lost. They were so arrogant,” he said. “Those guys [AFP and Getty] knew I was small, and thought there was no way I could sue them, and they took advantage of me. They thought they were untouchable.”

Read more at: http://www.pdnonline.com/news/Morel-v-AFP-Copyrig-9598.shtml


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  1. This is very good news. Congrats Daniel, you fought and won for all of us. Thank You

  2. Good news! Finally a photographer gets his justice.

  3. brought a smile to my face when I received the news in my inbox! oh, and happy thanksgiving y’all!

  4. A good, solid, on-the-record legal precedent.

  5. CONGRATS, Daniel!!!
    And Thank You- anyone and everyone with a camera should be doing so!

    Finally, the little guy, the good guy really won! How often does that happen anymore? And thank god the jury was able to smell out those AFP and Getty creeps for the life sucking, penny grabbing thieves that they are.

    Make no doubt, if the decision had gone the other way, it would have been open season without ever looking back from now on. With this, at least the major players writ large may just think twice before acting with the automatic assumption of impunity.

  6. I am thrilled and truly thankful for this news. I still don’t understand how AFP and Getty could act so unconscionably. Thank you Daniel Morel and God bless you for taking this fight to court. It is disturbing that you were forced to fight this for so long, I’m sure it was a great sacrifice in so many ways, but you did what you had to do. Thank you again. And YAY!

  7. Great news, congrats! This was a big win for all photographers. But as Fran Liscio also mentions, I still can’t understand how AFP and Getty could act like this in the first place.

  8. Awesome news, gives me hope on some of the rights management issues i have been facing.

  9. WOW, great news! I just hope that more artists will have the courage (and means) to stand up and protect what is rightfully theirs.

  10. This really is great news, and I’m so glad that an individual photographer was able to win this case against the two giants involved (AFP and Getty) — though no doubt it was a hard-won victory.

    And yet…I’m still left wondering whether or not any punishment was (or should be) meted out to Lisandro Suero, the guy who originally stole Morel’s images claimed they were his… Does anyone know what, if anything, happened to him…?

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