It is jaw-dropping as a photographer to walk out with a wearable camera that’s almost physically and literally attached to your eye. Believe it or not, it’s just like wearing a pair of sunglasses, and it’s a lot less intimidating for subjects. Nobody has objected. Every now and then I’ll hear somebody whisper, ‘Oh, he’s got Google Glass.’ But nobody has stopped me or said ‘don’t do that.’

We live in a culture where we don’t look each other in the eyes in public all that much, and since the camera is near your eye, not a lot of people are seeing it.

via Theater of the Streets, Shot On Google Glass – LightBox.

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  1. “Eye-see-you…” *click* *blink* and a wink….

  2. I think Google glass as a form of photography is chicken. I think part of street photography is about confronting the life of others. Yeah there are those who object, and that is fine. Even when people are aware you can still find a natural and unique story if you are watching.

    • Totally agree with that.

      Is not about hiding the camera so people don’t see it. It’s about making people around you forget that you are actually taking photographs even if they see there is a camera.

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