One Of My Favorite Things To Do Is Insta Creepin’ On Photographers

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I love Instagram. It’s my go to app when I need to kill some time and want to see what’s happening in the world beyond my sad windowless office.

One of my favorite things to do it creep on photographers.

You probably think I’m pretty weird now, but I really do love to see what inspires some of my favorite photographers on a regular basis.

For me, its just another way to see what they’re up to and what they’re shooting.  I can’t always keep up with all the promos, but I always make time for Insta Creepin’.

— another fantastic Art Producer

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  1. This is very funny! I too love to see what inspires others becuase it inspires me as well.

    Stay Creepin’. Nikki SV

  2. Following photographers on Instagram is “creepin'”? I never thought following anyone on Instagram was at all “weird.” Isn’t that the whole point of Instagram?