This sounded like a job for Tierney Gearon

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She’s the fine-art photographer whose inventiveness, palette, charismatic way with her subjects and extemporaneous picture-making promised to whip up the magic.

(“I can get anybody to do anything, and most of the time they don’t even know they did it,” Gearon says.) O.K., kids, now climb into these colored Plexiglas boxes. (“I have thousands of creative thoughts and ideas sprouting through my head,” she says. “There is a whole city living in my head.”) This wouldn’t be her first time at the circus, as they say.

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  1. Thought the spread was dreadful. 2 nice images. Even McGinley hits more often than that. Yikes.
    What’s really ironic is T Mag has become dreadful and the WSJ magazine has become so much cooler. Who would have thought?

    • Donnor Party

      I disagree with you on the spread, but agree about NYT Mag. It is pretty ho hum these days.

  2. I liked Tierney’s spread in NY Times Mag very much. I related to the photo she did with the two mirrors at right angles to each other — I did that with still life many years ago and I like it even better in a portrait situation. The NY Times Mag cover — I loved the lack of copy. I also liked the “ugly” light from the direct flash on the cover — it’s anti-lighting — and I think it fit the shot. Good for Tierney — sharing one’s work in such a setting is better than winning the lottery. If I shot a self-portrait I would have to correct for a very severe green color shift :)