Apple granted patent for location-based camera phone disabling

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Apple was granted a patent that could prevent photos and videos from being taken in particular locations. Other restrictions include forcing the camera to go to sleep so it cann’t be used at all.

via Boing Boing.

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  1. As an event photographer I would love this! Can you imagine shutting down a wedding so some other “Momma with a Rebel” “Fauxtographer” would stop trying to do the job you are getting paid to do!

    • Gee, you are saying “isheep”……..just like all of the other Apple naysayers. You are not a rebel for booing Apple products, just a tiny cog in a big machine. The only rebel in the great Apple/PC debate is the one that refuses to participate.

      • I’ve been using Apple computers exclusively for 18 years. I also had shares in AAPL several times over the last 12 years, and made some nice profits, though I no longer hold any shares. If Apple is now beyond criticism, then it has become a cult.

  2. Well, this makes me think of “1984” just a little. Isn’t that a bit too much of control?!? It will probably affect iPhones only but still… I don’t really feel comfortable with this although I’m a great fan of Apple. Let’s hope that granting the patent to Apple only means that the technology won’t too easily be used for the wrong reasons.