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I’d rather see so much stuff I don’t like (plus the things that I do like) than live in a world where all I see is what conforms to my current taste. What an incredibly boring and tedious world that would be, a world that would never give me a chance to move beyond that which I currently enjoy!

via Conscientious | Ten years of Conscientious.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! How do you grow, artistically, if you don’t look beyond your comfort zone? I’d also add: look outside of photography for influence. Like in the worlds of painting, design, architecture, 12th century Turkish textiles…

  2. scott Rex Ely

    Interesting, I’m commenting on a blog that allows comments about a blog that doesn’t. Criticism by proxy? Guess its less painful. I guess ten years of silence is better than one day with troll spew huh?