Sources for New Photography

Great story in PDN about sources for new photography:
Favorite Sources for New Photography: Part 1
Favorite Sources for New Photography: Part 2

Love to watch how it evolves past the mailers and sourcebooks to the curated lists, events, obscure magazines and blogs (APE even got mentioned). This is great news for everyone, because there are more places than ever to discover photographers and there are more outlets than ever where you can be found. Here are a few choice quotes:

Maggie Brett Kennedy
Photo director, Garden & Gun
“Look3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is an unbelievable weekend attracting anyone and everyone interested in photography.”

Kira Pollack
Director of photography, TIME
“I am always surprised and delighted by the photography showcased on Feature Shoot.”

Jessie Wender
Associate picture editor, The New Yorker
“Last year I participated as a reviewer at [Center’s] Review Santa Fe, and now work regularly with a photographer I met there.”

Stacey Baker
Associate photo editor, The New York Times Magazine
“I’m actually using Facebook more and more as a resource to discover new work. It’s such a terrific aggregator. In one place, I can look at pages for individual photographers”

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  1. Imagine that ?! sucking on the Nielsen Media corporate tit yet a again in order to get filler content for his site.
    “Yup back in the olden days people actually took the time to create original content on their own rather than aggregating it from others web sites.
    Guess this is what they are now calling fair use.”

    • Dear Larry David,

      I really loved that episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm” where you smoked pot and then belittled yourself in the mirror. That was genius. As was the entirety of Seinfeld. Thanks so much for all the laughs. I think it’s kind of strange, as busy as you are, that you took the time to complain about Rob linking to other stories, as that’s something he’s done throughout the history of APE. But whatever. You’re so great, we don’t mind you complaining.

      Please say hi to JB Smoove for me. He is one funny muthaf-cka.

      Best wishes,

      Jonathan Blaustein

  2. I’m grateful to the aphotoeditor for sharing his picks of photo stories. I take advantage of the time Rob puts in aggregating from other sites and less time in checking loads of sources since he does such a great job sharing info on photography and the photo world. I welcome the emails I get that I signed for and more often then not read up on what Rob is sharing.

  3. Daniel Schreiber

    I’m with Julie. Larry should spare us his venting and unsubscribe if he is unhappy.

  4. I’m pretty facebook-illiterate, so I’d be curious to understand how Stacey Baker goes about seeking out photographers on facebook.

    • I’m curious to see good examples of photographer Facebook pages–anyone know of any? Also I’m wondering if photographers are worried about posting their work on Facebook because of their TOS.

      • I definitely do not like the ToS on Facebook, nor do I like their stripping out of metadata. Other than watermarking everything posted there, the only other choices is linking to images, but probably not what some people would use for researching photographers. I have a Facebook “fan” page, though I mostly use it to field ideas, trends of interest, and a few other nuggets of creative inspiration.

      • I don’t post anything but family snaps on FB, I use to have a large gallery of Landscapes, that change when TOS and the ability, if you made everything public, to download anything you wanted. Thus my migration to G+

  5. “At Last! How To Take The Digital Photos Youve Always Wanted, And Finally Have Them Turn Out Like A Professional Photographer Has Taken Them… …Even If Youve Never Used A Digital Camera Before And Dont Know Anything About Photography.”

  6. Danny Hurley

    “Embrace the Face” FB has a FB marketing tools for promoting your Biz. I have not made my commercial FB site yet,(waiting to replace the horribly outdated flash site). I do post just about everything I shoot to my personal FB pages. I went to a great Marketing seminar put on by Adobe that stressed social marketing. They also were strong on Tumbler/pinterest. I have also read several articles lately that said in todays world, we should allow people to use your images from your FB pages, the more the Exposure the merrier. I have seen some of my FB/pins go world wide. If you copyright your work, I don’t think you should be afraid of promoting your work, via social media. I’m not worried about their ToS, I have had hundreds of my images exposed and complimented on others pages. And, yes, I have gotten jobs from FB posts. I also have found several folks using my FB pics to promote their biz. So far I have convinced them to pay up, take down, and in one instance, bartered for beer:)

  7. Donnor Party

    Look3 is really good. I was really surprised at the quality of the work and the fact that there is much less hype and so much more substance than NYPHOTO.