It may take several years for a beginner to earn a living as a performer. You must have a substantial cushion of savings to fund your quest and/or secure consistent alternate work to support you during the early stages of your career.Even the most talented performers may do everything right and still not end up with acting jobs. Success in this business is an unpredictable combination of talent, training, residence, “look”, energy, attitude, and the completely uncontrollable factor — luck!You must not take rejection personally! Even a working professional may not earn their income performing in just one medium.

via Getting Started as an Actor FAQ | Screen Actors Guild.

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  1. And remember that only 2% of the members of both acting unions (film SAG & theatre Equity) make their entire income from their acting work. Go for it, but make sure you really like your day job as well… break a leg!

  2. If I take this to heart then I need to get a job at a school pushing a broom, wait they laid all the janitors off. I could go to work at home depot with the other 1.4 million who lost their jobs in the last few years.

    Wait, those who bought a camera with the idea they were a photographer have pulled down the shingle since they have failed. Subsequently I am not competing against a flooded market when it comes to creators, I still have to battle through the existing content though.

    Or you can look at it this way, I am glad I am not a member of SAG, AFTRA, etc because once you sign, you belong to them, you are not your own person anymore. Glad I am a photographer! JMHO

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