So rather than complain about the introspective nature of photobooks or the endless discussions on the nature of work, we should not follow others but should instead go out into the world and find work that interests and inspires us on its own account, not the account of others. And if we can’t see that work, or find that work, if it’s not available to us except through the word of others, then perhaps we should just let it pass us by. If you can’t touch it, it’s not really there.

via Colin Pantall’s blog

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  1. I was just getting used to Jonathan Blaustein’s Friday book review and the creative descriptions employed to bring attention to something worthwhile to consider for a future purchase, year end or not. I guess I’ll discontinue the read and just go to the book store and waste my time trying to figure out what is under the effing shrink wrap.

  2. Stop whining.

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