How Photographers Actually Spend Their Time

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  1. People only think I party like a rock star 5% of the time? I need a better publicist! Wait, I am my publicist. I definitely need a better publicist!

  2. I think the taking pictures and partying like a rock star numbers need to be reversed,….and then throw in a slice of “shooting hot models”.

  3. “What people THINK we do”

    Don’t forget the dates the photogs get to go on with the hot models

    • “Dating” is a nice euphemism. That’s not what people think. People think photographers get to bang models right then and there. But then again, most people get their image of what a photographer does from watching “Blow Up”.

  4. at least you guys have the public knowing your working for that 80%. As an artist (and photographer) they think we whip off a painting in 30min then go back to partying. And that goes to how little they value it when they want to buy… “will you take $50”

  5. Love it! A Photographer could do real damage if they had more time to increase their networking, meetings, and adding/editing fresh work into their mix? I think I know the perfect people for that!

  6. I’m confused. Does the time taking pictures also include the time we shoot when we’re also partying?

    Or is the pie chart on the left Terry Richardson’s?

  7. Yes, it’s true! I never forget that the people think that making picture is an easy job to get in..and they think that you just need a camera to be a photographer. You don’t need to study or taking pictures is a crazy hobby so they don’t have to pay anything for you work done.

    • This response to my price quote: Oh! but i only need one pitcher!
      made me quit being a commercial photographer when I heard that 3 times in 2 weeks working in up state New York.
      By the way my answer was: I am not a potter, I am a photographer, call me when you are ready for me!

  8. lol.. almost true.. rather than travelling to exotic locations, travelling to shoots in general should be added. Also, some partying is involved.. :-)

  9. I identify with the first chart, the second is too much! If I spent my time like in the second chart, I would never get anything done. When I started in newq phoitography 40 years ago, my life WAS the first chart, the rest was for somebody else!

  10. What’s all this about parties and hot models? When I was shooting, I think I went to one party (hated it) and did not waste any digital memory on models.

  11. Can I count the Houston Ship Channel as an exotic location? … Errrm … no … Well, I’ll go sit down now … with the pie on the right.

  12. Ha ha that’s good. I have to do that for fashion designers too. I once had an insurance man tell me that my insurance premium was so high because maybe I might be with a model and she breaks a fingernail and then sues me…..I wish!!

  13. Where is the pie wedge for “gossiping about other photographers and how much they got paid for a job”? (I lived with a photographer for a while. I know how y’all spend your time.)

  14. that’s only true for great photographers, not for amateurs like myself…

    on the other hand ‘carrying for his subjects’ didn’t even made the pie…

  15. This is what people think of any self-employed person it seems :) Thanks for pointing out the reality of it! It’s still a lot of fun, regardless.

  16. My wife saw this and said, “It’s too bad there isn’t a 3 or 4% in there for friends and family.” It’s sad to say, I’ve often seen this fall within the 5.5% of “networking.”