What Is the Most Important Action You’ve Taken in Support of your Photography Business?

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In 2010, I went back to school at the University of Miami and got a graduate degree in multimedia. In a time when media is struggling and searching for a new path, I’m finding that I’m busier than ever, telling meaningful stories in new ways for a variety of outlets. It’s an exciting time to be a photographer and journalist, and this new skill can create more opportunity for all of us. I think the most important thing any artist can do is to constantly push themselves and improve their craft.

Ami Vitale

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  1. The most important thing I am doing now is letting people know that I am out there to help them with photographic content. I do this by knowing something about them before I call, and only calling those who are relevant to my field and style

  2. Expanding how I tell the story, not just stills and back to school. I am not looking at investing in a graduate but I think it is key to keep learning and the formal setting of classroom is a necessity, I think.

    Ami I like the front page of your site and the layout.