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The best part of my job is that I do have days when I DO spend all day searching for hot new talent.

Limit the number of times you send emails per month. I get emails from the same group of reps/photographers every week to every two weeks. I think once a month to every 3 months is sufficient. When emails start to come every week, I just end up deleting and not taking the time.

via Jasmine DeFoore

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  1. I’ve actually greatly reduced the number of email promos I’m sending out* and increasing the number of physical promos. I think it’s paying off… Proof, my last two promos have wound up on Jasmine’s blog including the article you’re linking to here.

    *I will be sending one out next week… But it’s been a while.

  2. Has anyone ever done a survey on the best days to send email promos? Would also be interesting to know if the best days to send vary among the types of targets, i.e., adverting art buyers vs. magazine editors.