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  1. So true, so sad.

  2. So true it sears.

  3. Oh how silly. It’s always been this way. It always will be. Any time you have a culture of plenty people will have time to explore their interior and exterior. Who are we to judge the profundity of an artists? As HCB says in the short film about his life: “you have to milk the cow quite a lot and get plenty milk to make a little cheese.” HCB Another wit once said, “Only half of our advertising really works. Now if we only knew which half.”

    HIstory seems to be the best sieve.

  4. Isn’t this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

  5. Harumpf… I don’t think Banksy has ever seen my work ;~ D

    • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shit. Mine either.

  6. If he had time to view all the supposed art created out, he wouldn’t have been able to write the post.
    What is art is based on the point of view of the creator and then whether it has significant story telling value is up to the viewer. I guarantee we wont agree on what is and isn’t art.

  7. What a bourgeois thing to say…

  8. I always knew I was slow… but self-obsessed?

  9. The truth hurts.

  10. @Ed:What’s storytelling got to do with it? Oh right, photography is illustrative at best.

  11. What about the “PASSION”?, lol

    Commercial art (advertising) is created to sell goods and services. The commercial art world has it’s share of “slow, self-obsessed”, and material obsessed.
    Fine art is the artifact or byproduct of an artists work process: learning, understanding, resolving.
    Good fine art is often personal. The challenge is to develop the work through growth while not getting stuck in the loop of self. Good art can still be created by the “slow, self-obsessed”.

  12. The Slow And Self-Obsessed – yeah Ive met them in advertising and theyre the ones that qualified in marketing……. right………

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