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“Don’t send in something just because you shot it,” jury chair David Burnett advises. “Look at your work with a sharp eye. Don’t get tempted by fond or fuzzy memories, because the jurors will not have those. Be your own toughest editor. If you’re not tough on yourself, we will be. One bad picture in a story takes away the merit of two good ones.”

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  1. “Don’t send in something just because you shot it,” – Ha, ha – this made me laugh. Wait! Everything I shoot f$%@ing amazing, so I’m sending it in! If you don’t choose it’s simply proof you have no taste.

  2. To at least some extent beauty is indeed within the eyes of the beholder. Having worked with many editors the world over for a lifetime, I have found that there many opinions regarding what is good, what is art, what is news-worthy, what is proper, what is edgey, what is passe’, what is what.
    I can think of none of those who have survied as pros for any length of time to even consider sending in “crap”. Being an accomplished photographer is at least as difficult as being a photo-editor –and in my judgement much MORE difficult. I’ve been both.
    As a matter of policy, I have routinely destroyed or deleted any images of mine that I consider to be less than outstanding. Why would you want to keep your crap around?
    But since it is the photo-editor who makes the decision as to what is acceptable to him, he is, at least in his little or large sphere of power–generally the one who who decides what is crap and what is more or less than. Still, I see the comment by this photo-editor–as self-indulgent and arrogant crap. I don’t care if I ever publish anything within his sphere. I would ot even allow it. In the world of photgraphic who-cares, I couldn’t care less about his crap.