Out Of The Box Marketing With Google AdWords

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Genius: When top advertising creative directors Googled themselves, they got a message from Alec asking for a job.

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  1. That’s damned interesting. Of course it’s one of those things that once a lot of people start doing it, it will lose its impact (like everything else). But for the price it really warrants some further exploration.

  2. Question (if Alec is following this thread): how long did it take for the people targeted to Google themselves? We’ve all Googled ourselves, but not on a regular basis. This approach could take days, weeks, months, etc.

  3. I am going to start leaving myself little uplifting notes. Then when I google myself 4 times a day I will see “Hey Neil; Keep your chin up buddy” “Good morning Neil; if you start your laundry today, you may get it folded before the weekend” and so on. Thanks Alec

  4. So he’s saying to use the names of famous/career people in your ad words/html meta tags in order to get more traffic to your own site? Isn’t that somewhat wrong? I think that’s the exact same thing as using people’s names as job references without their approval first….. correct me if I’m totally off base!