The Internet Is Dead

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Chris Anderson thinks the internet is dead, this should prove him wrong:


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  1. The Web is dead! Not the internet! Two different things…
    Either way, we should all wear tight pants and show our body rolls!

  2. Thats a laugh, but the real question is, who put you up to this? My first reaction was wtf, then as I watched the rest of the way through, I gagged a bit and than laughed my *&^off.

    Great way to end the week since there has been dismal news. The weekend is looking up. Now I just need to stop by the local 7-11 and pick up a couple cans of the Schiltz bull.

  3. Post on your Blog (WEB) but view on my You Tube iPhone App (Internet). Chris Anderson makes this distinction at the beginning of his article, but I think you know that and you just wanted to get the weekend started.
    Great Find. Thanks.

  4. To Anderson’s point:

    1. If you tracked every server, and every hop, you make over the course of a day I suspect you would discover you touch the old-fashioned Worldwide Web more times than you think. Just because you access the Internet from a wireless device doesn’t mean every transaction is wireless. The great thing about the Internet is the hardware framework that makes it all work is, for the most part, invisible to the end-user.

    2. There is a long history in the tech space of customers embracing proprietary technology because it provides valuable service/capabilities at a given moment in time. But people grow tired of the proprietary lock-in and migrate to open alternatives as soon as they become viable. I don’t see why that tradition won’t repeat with respect to the proprietary services Anderson mentions. Building products that are too heavily tied to an underlying proprietary technology has historically proven to be short-sighted.

    Re the video:

    I keep thinking that video and the Domino’s Pizza contest somehow belong together. The video was obviously done on green screen. If you substituted pizza for a background rather than the woodland background it would still work.

  5. She’s made guest appearances on Yo Gaba Gaba, where nobody laughs at her. My kids love it, I have to leave the room. :-0

  6. c.d.embrey

    Wired sez “And if we have to pay for what we love, well, that increasingly seems OK.”

    Last year Wired was the champion of free. So which is it???