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  1. As a professional graphic designer — I. Could. Not. Agree. More. Thank you for reading my mind. Great post.

  2. If thou shalt critically tread on the sacred church of refined type, please state thy case.

    • @Michael Faas, Would that be Upper or Lower case?

  3. reminds me of old arguments of kodak tmax versus fuji neopan. throw in some ilford delta for good measure. they all only produced black & white images and if the photo was great the choice didnt matter. if the photo was bad or should have been in colour, the choice mattered even less.

  4. “..and now back to our regularly scheduled program.”

  5. Helvetica kicked my dog and ate all my Doritos.

  6. Ummm, what about Helvetica? Just one of the best documentaries on design I’ve ever seen. Check it out for yourself.

  7. So I checked out Aktiv and I find the g’s and b’s to be kind of weird. They stand out as out of proportion from the rest. I guess if you want everyone to think “G!!” and “B!!” when reading it….

    • @craig,

      lowercase g’s and b’s that is

  8. Ditto @Susana regarding the documentary aptly names “Helvetica”. A must see for anyone who is in anyway associated with typography, be it designer, art director, photographer or casual observer. Confession: I own the DVD and find it refreshing, odd, inspiring and much better than anything else on TV these days. :) – Kyle

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