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  1. Bloody hell, what’s next, music in Lego form? Made me smile. LOL, have a great weekend Rob!

  2. I love the Cartier-Bresson re-make, one of my all time favourite photographs.

  3. Lego has been all the rage with graphic designers, interior designer and ‘creative’ people in general for quite a few months now. Funny to see the bug has caught and classic photographs are being remade in Lego! Thanks for sharing.

  4. LOL great one, it that Liberace? My kids have been grown for some time and the legos long gone……

  5. Love this. It just goes to show that with a little thought ( no inference to the amount of thought that went into this project) and an understanding of the value of the ‘REMIX’, one can discover new and inventive pictures to create. I would dare say that it is this type of fun, daring, out of the box thinking that purchasers of photography ( collectors, art buyers, art directors ) want.

  6. Really Nice Stuff! Can do wonders with lego! Always wanted to make some stop- motion with that…using light painting technique along with it!

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