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  1. I’m thinking there should be an arrow from “Change Something” going back to “Are You Happy”. After that, then my answer will be yes. ;)


  2. I have to say yes. Stay passionate,be flexible, diversify, keep current and listen for the knock of opportunity. It’s still knocking. Photographers are quick to blame the economy but what happens in the long run is up to you.

    • @Pat Harbron, hey pat, we used to both live in the arcive building. how are you? where are you living these days?

  3. I wouldn’t of thought a flow chart could make me think in such a deep way! One to print off… :)

  4. I was quite impressed. I do like such a simply / motivating pictures.
    Any chanche to get this as a wallpaper ? :)

    … In order to be happy :)

  5. Love this! Simple, elegant, beautiful and conveys a fantastic message. Rock on! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great!

    This a flowchart everybody will like.


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  7. Fantastic… this image MAKES me happy. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Love this. Happiness is good. Good to see it getting recognition.

    Be well-

  9. Love this! Any chance we can get it as a wallpaper? so simple yet very clear and clever thinking

  10. everybody alway changing if you don’t , you will sad.

  11. An excellent life lesson

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