Winning publications with the words “New York” in the title: New York (4 awards), The New Yorker (3 awards), The New York Times Magazine (1 award): 8 — via The Fix

Honors the effectiveness of photography, photojournalism and photo-illustration in support of the editorial mission of the magazine

Winner: Vanity Fair: Graydon Carter, Editor for March, September, November Issues


* GQ
* National Geographic
* The New York Times Style Magazine
* Vogue

Recognizes the informative photographic documentation of an event or subject

Winner: National Geographic: Chris Johns, Editor-in-Chief for “Shattered Somalia,” photographs by Pascal Maitre; text by Robert Draper, May


* Foreign Policy
* National Geographic
* New York
* Virginia Quarterly Review
* Time

Honors creative photography and photo illustration, including portraiture

Winner: The New Yorker: David Remnick, Editor for “Portraits of Power,” photographs by Platon, December 7


* National Geographic
* New York
* Out
* W

The rest of the winners can be found (here).

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  1. Just went to the site where all the winners are posted. A bit of a dry site considering we are talking about a visual medium. No Photographs, No links. Too Bad!

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