When the Publishing Industry Survives, Will You Still Have a Job in Publishing?

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The truth is that our industry is actually headed for the next golden age of publishing; I just cannot promise you that everyone who reads this will be part of that future

via, Publishing Executive.

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  1. Absolutely spot on! At the beginning of the 1970s in France & all over Europe,* pirate radio stations started to broadcast; existing, established radio stations screamed that this would destroy their business models & eventually, the stations, and radio broadcasting as an industry. 40 years down the line there are more radio stations in France (& in Europe) that at any other time; more people employed by radio stations too. Obviously, some radio stations disappeared (more pirate radio stations than established ones, mind you) on the way…

    I think we are experiencing exactly the same change in the publishing industry! More outlets, in the long run, will mean more possibilities to publish!

    *Perhaps elsewhere too, my knowledge is limited.