Hearst’s Big Bounce

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It’s only March, but Hearst Magazines’ chief marketing officer, Michael Clinton, expects ad sales for his titles will be burning up this summer.

Sales for April rose 12% compared to the same period last year. Now Clinton says May will be even better. Ad sales across 13 of Hearst’s main titles are already up 17% for May, he says, and the month isn’t fully booked yet.

via Forbes.com.

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  1. about time….a couple other mags have been noticeably thicker the past 2 months as well.

  2. Great news for photographers, maybe. In recent years, Hearst has been shooting most of their stuff with their in-house studio – paying freelancers really low day rates to run it. Time will tell if their doors will open up again to independent photographers.

  3. This could be good for a cycle or so. I’m not sure the economy is all that healthy yet, and I feel the entire paradigm of media use and distribution has shifted. We may even see shifts in how people consume (will ads be as relevant?)

  4. Hmmmm….I shoot for a Hearst publication. Tell me, when they are reporting such amazing results, why then are they cutting back fees and budgets like there’s no tomorrow?

    This is the problem, now that that we’ve performed miracles with less budget, how on earth do we go back?