Mel went on to explain that back when he was the CEO of CBS, advertising had no accountability – no return on investment.

“You buy a commercial in the Super Bowl… and you had no idea if it worked! You had no idea if you sold product… if it did any good,” Karmazin said. “I loved that model.”

“And then here comes Google. They screwed it up!” added Karmazin, semi-jokingly.

Mel Karmazin on Charlie Rose via- Orbitcast.

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  1. I thought this was pretty funny! I happened to be doing the social media thing when I ran across this post on mashable

    ” Google is Going Down the Toilet”

    Maybe we don’t have to worry about the media giant LOL I just can’t say this without a bit of a laugh.

    Life goes on….have fun and be passionate about what you do, everything elese will come into place.

  2. Would that be the ‘three-peat’ since it was in the New Yorker this past November? Excellent

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