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    • @emily,
      I have looked at most of the blogs listed and this is the only one I booked marked. I love what she is doing. Unlike most of the others she has created her own editorial content. It also seems she has an audience that expands way beyond the photo world.


    gotta get it out there somehow, right?? ;)

    thanks for the list, definitely some new ones on there. If anyone is using google reader, look me up and add me, I love the “share” feature on that thing… it’s one of the best ways to keep up with things. And if you’re not using google reader… well, check it out.

  2. I second many of Rob’s choices, is a good mix of personal and other people’s work from Matt and M. Scott

    Gonna add mine in the mix

    update it regularly with new work, both personal and assigned, and the occasional rant or random thought, or work I really like from others

    Gotten good feedback from others, both personal and professional contacts, and try to cross post on the networking sites for better exposure and promotion.
    Also, my mom keeps track of me this way when we do not talk enough

  3. it’s hard to find a photographer’s blog that stands out from the rest. so much of the same. i’d have to say that rodney smith’s was the only one worth visiting.

    art director-turned commercial photographer,

  4. Thank you so much for posting the links to the blogs you follow. This allows your followers the added luxury of seeing even more of the landscape of the industry from your perspective. Usually in looking around at other photographer sites and blogs, we gain inspiration which usually translates to a shot in the arm for both persistence and for creativity. Sometimes however, we get more. Sometimes we get personal history that catalogs the track a specific photographer followed on their way to their appointment with destiny. Somewhat less frequently are we treated to guidance that tells us how to be as humans with all the technical relevance to the profession removed. In relation to this, I felt compelled to call out something in specific on one of the blogs you mentioned because it is so fresh to me. There is an article on Jerry Avenaim’s blog ( entitled Fellowship in Photography. I heard this same message from Jerry Avenaim 4 years ago when I first attended a seminar of his here in Austin Texas. His post which encourages photographers to look at each other as comrades and not competitors is summarized as “As comrades you help each other and experience far more success than you will failure because you are brothers and sisters in arms.” This is something Jerry has been sharing with photographers for years in his seminars, and I try to live by. Because the concept will shift a mindset (if you let it), this has done more for me personally, and will continue to do so, for my growth as a human and as a photographer than learning a new lighting style. As I look to learn from Jerry’s skill, creativity and success, I also seek to live by his mantra. I have seen him demonstrate this consistently over the years when I sought advice – Its not just something he posts a nice article about, but it is something he lives by.

  5. ^Cue dozens of unsubtle plugs for reader’s Blogs.

    The only Photographer’s blogs I make time for on a regular basis are The Sartorialist (a very clean blog often almost devoid of text, the comments neatly hidden), and this:

    They used to say that a picture told a thousand words.
    Scott and Jason have not forgotten this.

    Why is it that in order to survive, Photographers think that they now need to go up against Journalists (you know, proper writers), and Video Directors (you know, those guys who have been working in screen-based media since age 16)?

    Time was, many Art Buyers and Photo Editors would decry a’Personal Statement’ or Bio on a photographer’s website as almost cringeworthy, conceited and generally a bad idea. “I don’t want to know your life story son, I just want to see PICTURES goddammit!”
    Now they (apparently) want to know who I had a drink with last night…?

  6. England’s Pleasant Pastures is a photo-led blog but not actually about photography. Rather, about Englishness and self with an extra hint of mid-life turmoil and delusion .. if that at all separates it from all the others.

    But I leave it to you to make your own minds up:

    Best wishes,

    Richard Baker, London.

  7. Since everyone is doing it, and apparently in response to my father’s qurstion posed to me in high school, yes I too would jump off that bridge.

    our blog is:

    Relatively new but having fun doing it.

    Thanks for the great list of blogs to add to my reading list!