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I’m troubled by how the internal dynamic of the biomorphic forms verges on codifying the accessibility of the work.

…never again feel at a loss for pithy commentary or savvy “insights.” (here). Thx Mark.

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  1. “With regard to the issue of content, the disjunctive perturbation of the spatial relationships brings within the realm of discourse the distinctive formal juxtapositions.”

  2. “In my work I always strive for a dynamic play of reality and fiction, prioritizing poetic memory over concrete topographies.”

    I was wondering where Edgar Martins got his essay from, now it all makes sense.

  3. I shot a job for the New York Studio School a while back. Despite having gone to art school, I couldn’t understand a damn word anyone in that place was saying. No doubt, they got their lingo from this site. I say someone should come up with an Art Speak translator.

  4. Thats a true work of postmodern art and ironically also shows what a joke it really is.