“… Participants are encouraged to be honest about work they find boring and hateful, especially if curators consider it stimulating and interesting. “

“This past Monday saw the launch of National Art Hate Week in England, the brainchild of painter Billy Childish and two collaborators. The idea, he says, is to give the U.K.’s art institutions “a necessary kicking” by calling for the public to stage a silent revolt and visit a local gallery, take a closer, more honest look at what’s being shown, and then actively hate it.”

viaΒ  artinfo.com.

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  1. Excellent idea. Too much sugar coating going on.

  2. While I agree – there is nothing worse than someone uninformed making their opinion known to anthers detriment- especially if it is an ignorant one. The reason some art is stimulating is because it has depth that isn’t always noticed on first sight…

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