Cannes Lions, Press Grand Prix

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FFL Paris won the press Grand Prix for its Wrangler campaign shot by Ryan McGinleywrangler-jeans

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  1. Donnar Party

    McGinley is the only shooter to come out of the NYC ART/PHOTO Academies who has succesfully digested the NYC Photo School sylibus (Tillmans, Nan Golden, Dykstra etc) instead of just copying them. He is not a little Nan, a Little Wolfgang, etc. I for one really like his stuff. Congrats to him and FFL.

    • @Donnar Party, yes, Ryan McGinley did go to a new york school but I would argue he did not come from an Art/Photo background since his major at Parsons was Graphic Design. still it seems those artist you have cited have rubbed off on him in a positive way. some have argued that he is overvalued and I used to be suspicious when he first his the scene with such a bang but now I am liking his new work and I admire that he is not just sitting back and enjoying the money and fame but working hard at being a better photographer.