“Newspapers are an important part of our lives, not to read, of course, but, when you’re moving you can’t wrap your dishes in a blog.”

— Stephen Colbert

via CJR.

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  1. Also blogs don’t make good bird cage liners…

  2. I have done some pretty serious thinking about this whole issue, and although I get most of my news on the computer, I still feel very strongly that newspapers on paper are something I I hope will not totally go away. I still like to sit in my living room and read through the paper. That way I run across stories that I would never read if I were scrolling on my computer screen. Having the NYT, Frankfurter Algemeine, other some other serious paper around to read is still important to me personally.

  3. Also, you can’t crumple up a blog to stuff into your soggy shoes after you come in from the rain and you can’t set a blog on fire to help you get a campfire going.

  4. Also, you can’t make funny pirate hats out of blogs either

  5. And you can’t potty train a new puppy with a blog.

  6. cant support a democracy with blogs either

    • @doktor, eh?
      Oh you are joking. Thought maybe you hadn’t heard of Rathergate…

  7. EXCEPT Stephen reads newspapers.

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