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This semi-entertaining little video should elicit plenty of groans as Ashton Kutcher (Nikon spokesperson photographers love to hate) shoots the “behind the scenes” sausage making at a fragrance shoot with his wife Demi and photo duo Mert & Marcus (here).


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  1. My god, does it ever end?
    First we had Dah Len.
    A lounge singer from Thailand turned fashion photographer.
    and now these two?
    “Hey M&M, the 80’s called, they want their extremely tight jeans and stretched out, slept in tank top back.”
    Seriously, with all of the great talented photographers out there how the hell did these 2 numb nuts get a career?

    • Donnar Party

      @sean876, have you seen their work? Ever heard of V magazine? Check it out. Might answer your question about the origin of their career.

    • @sean876,

      Well at least your jealousy helps disguise your probable lack of talent.

      M & M are the GREATEST.

  2. Wow, you guys are haters. Mert & Marcus are probably some of the best working and top grossing photographers out there today. They shoot every major campaign, and their photographic and retouching styles are mimicked by many photographers. These two “numb nuts” got a career because they are actually very talented and extremely good at what they do, regardless if they wear tight jeans or not. Think you’re one of the more great and talented photographer’s out there more deserving of a career? Gimme a break, and give these guys some credit.

  3. Their work in W Magazine recently were stunning. They were overshadowed by Chuck Close’s Daguerreotype images of Brad Pitt in the same issue, but still – I thought terrific! Polished, high contrast, the photographs radiated a velvety texture, I wanted to touch them, like fuzzy cloth patch in a children’s book.

  4. ludlowphotographer

    good, solid fashion photography and they were different from the beginning while still being relevant.
    Not just Steven Meisels brothers from another mothers, I think that came from this blog and it fits.

    • @Justin Sutcliffe,
      Yeah, the “making sausage” analogy one of the readers made once is spot on. Sometimes you just don’t want to know how it’s made.

  5. Tops talents indeed – good job they didn’t drop the camera – precarious indeed – could of taken her fuckin head off – at least Ashton woulda had the footage

  6. hehe. Well I’ve seen worse.

    I thought they would afford a good DJ or something though. They play the same crappy techno beat I’m playing on my shots. Euro-trash meets American Trash . Perfect Combo.

    • @doktor,

      I think I found my new market– creating iPod mixes for photo shoots! Seriously though, what’s with all the terrible music on sets? It’s like everyone’s playing their 90’s German techno beat box sets and american pop music megamixes remixed.

      • @Matthew,
        Pump up the jam
        Pump it up
        While your feet are stompin’
        And the jam is pumpin’
        Look at here the crowd is jumpin’
        Pump it up a little more
        Get the party going on the dance floor

  7. from what i could tell (from ashton’s footage of the monitor), the shots of demi were looking great…in spite of their bad 80s hair band sense of style. but yeah, the music on set would be enough to make me want to kill myself. and as for ashton’s ‘shooting style’…um, who decided to make him a spokesperson for nikon? and what kind of camera did they give him…? cripes.

  8. my 2 cents worth

    There are only 2 things that matter.

    1. The photographer’s rapport with the subject relative to getting the best possible image(s).

    2. The final image, (delivered on time) meeting, and hopefully exceeding the client’s expectations.

  9. Something tells me they are not the least concerned with sperm count. That’s the great thing about being a commercial photographer, no one gives a rat’s ass what you wear or what kind of music you listen to, as long as you make stellar imagery.

  10. As I watched this video a small amount of bile began to form in my throat.

    A huge amount of retouching work is their approach, as shooting is pretty amateur when compared to say Avedon.

    I was also disappointed to see the lack of awe inspiring class on-set (a la Newton), i.e

    Trailer trash celebrities and Art directors living their dream.

    The legs can tell you a lot about someone. This is not the stuff of legend.

    Despite all my negativity the proof is in the pudding. M+M run things. This is Digital Democracy in action, Although

    Who will care in a decade? It is hardly Guy Bourdin.

    They will be remembered for setting the visual tone in the magazines of this decade (or will it be one of their retouchers?).

    Happy Days!

  11. Easily one of the top five most retarded videos on the interwebz. Why didn’t Bruno show up with his manly fashions and get a turn with the camera.

  12. Total ass clowns but thats what fashion photography is about – blowing smoke up each others asses, touching your toes while keeping your nose up.

    Its perfect for big fashion…perfect.

  13. What’s up with you guys…M+M are great at what they do. Who cares if the photoshoot looks grungey or if there’s bad music?
    As long as the final products look good