In journalism, my workplaces often felt like rooms filled with balloons, enormous and fragile egos rubbing and squeaking up against one another until, inevitably, several burst with a bang.

In journalism, all too often perception helps people get ahead. One editor’s star performer is another’s nightmare.


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  1. Amen

  2. Plenty of parallels here with photographers…

  3. Some say it’s worse than showbiz..

  4. Most All the Winning Horses that run in Horseraces
    are Alpha-type Horses or direct descendants of Alpha-type Horses..

    That is to say, they’re wild.. rebellious.. warring.. cunning..
    hyper.. risky.. fast..

    and perhaps even a bit dangerous at times..

    ..but ultimately they are warriors
    who’ll either win, or die trying

  5. Thats really lame and quite a bummer a work environment has to be like that. Thats a lot of negative energy circulating.

  6. I think it was my 3rd day on the job when I experienced my first passive aggressive political maneuvering attack by an editor.

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