The first I’ve seen anyway since they released all their images online with google (here).

I was following a link about 70’s Rock Musicians and Their Parent’s Homes (here then here) to see who the photographer was and ended up at Apartment Therapy (here) where it looks like all the advertising on the site got the attention of the Life magazine archive where the images were taken from.

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  1. Matter of time this would happen, especially with a library like that of images.

  2. I think the photographer was John Loengard (sp?)

  3. Watch out for Apartment Therapy. They like to look like a big, corporate site in their advertising press sheets, then play the stupid young “we didn’t know that was wrong” card when you confront them for infringing your photos. At least, that is what they did to me.

    One of their publishers accidentally “replied all” to an internal email (stupid) and gave me a little behind the scenes look at just how much contempt they have for photographers.

    When I took a closer look at it, the site appeared to be a typical post mill, wherein people are pressed to update, update, update, update with little time for adhering to the niceties of copyright. In my case, they simply took down my photo — and replaced it with another, web-res stock image which had metadata on it that pointed to it having been infringed as well.

    Nice guys, huh?

    It did not surprise me that they now seem to have a placeholder image at the ready to throw into their “takedown” posts. No sense in killing the whole post just because the only the art was infringed, huh?

  4. Gawker, Valleywag, Defamer et al, wash, rinse, repeat.

    An entire media company built around appropriation.

    Until the internet can police itself it will be the parasite on print media, basically sucking it to death.

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