Signaling the end of an era, MTV releases all their videos online for free:

I’m sure they will try and eek some advertising revenue off them at some point but it appears the novelty of watching these things on television has finally ended.

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  1. Only in the US… they’ve blocked it internationally… oh well.

  2. it’s about time, did mtv even show any videos anymore? Now I can watch online and feel young and cool again. ;)

  3. The first video MTV ever showed was Video Killed the Radio Star, by the Buggles. I saw it. Yes, I know how old that makes me. The message of that song title is ironic to this day.
    Perhaps the Buggles should reunite and record Internet Killed the Video Star.

  4. Reality (shows) Killed the Video Star?

  5. Hardly ALL… the first two I looked up, Split Enz’ “I got you” and The Police’s “Wrapped Around Your Finger” were not there ;-( And yes, I saw the premiere of Video Killed the Radio Star…, which was followed by “I got You” so I am very disappointed!

    then again, it’s a great day in America when not finding an old video is the biggest disappointment of my day ;-) Go Obama!

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