PDN Online Redesign and A New Feature

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PDN Online has a new look and a new feature called PDN Compass (here) where you can mark on a map where you live and what you shoot then presumably Photo Eds and Art Buyers and other potential clients will search by location and specialty and easily find you. Sort of like PhotoServe.com which is something I’ve always used to search for photographers in a particular location but this one is free. Hey, getting with the new economy are we PDN, except I still see those shiny gold locks on all the big articles, so maybe not so much.

Anyway, I haven’t totally checked it out, but it will need critical mass to be worthwhile for buyers. I wonder if that’s still possible in 2008, where leveraging the community to do all the work (free labor, free service) is becoming a dated concept. We shall see.

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  1. While this Compass thing appears to be a good idea, I’d just caution anyone that they must sign up with PDN to be listed. I will venture to say that Nielsen/PDN might sell your email address to their advertisers; I know that, once I attended PhotoEast at Javitts, and I’ve never been bombarded with so much Spam in life, from cheesey photo services, afterwards. I followed the trail and it always came back to Nielsen. In my opinion, this is one of the slimiest practices of PDN.

    I tried to wade thru the legalese in the privacy policy, but I feel asleep trying to decipher the lawyer prose. At this time, I will not sign up, in protest of their spam practices.

  2. @1 According to Nielsen’s privacy policy, they may share your email with partners, but you can remove your email from that list.

    As for getting spam after PhotoEast, that’s pretty standard practice at conventions and tradeshows. These are big money-generating events and the attendee list is a premium add-on that most vendors can purchase.

  3. Debra Weiss

    “Hey, getting with the new economy are we PDN, except I still see those shiny gold locks on all the big articles, so maybe not so much.”

    Can you imagine the nerve of PDN wanting to continue creating a revenue stream so they can stay in business? It’s just shocking.

  4. matthew pace

    Not sure what this is about here, but ” sign up for free” doesn’t sound that way..

    am I reading this wrong?

    2. Fees and Payment
    SUBSCRIBER shall make periodic payments as consideration for the SERVICE. The length of the period that SUBSCRIBER chose has been determined by the subscription plan it agreed to during the sign-up process. The periodic fees will be based on the rate schedule in effect at the time the SERVICE is used. Any applicable sales or use taxes will be payable by SUBSCRIBER, and may be included in each periodic statement. SUBSCRIBER’S use of the SERVICE will be subject to credit limits established for SUBSCRIBER’S credit card by the card issuer. Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, the interest charged under the terms of this Agreement shall never exceed the maximum rate permitted by applicable law.

  5. @ #3 Erik: “As for getting spam after PhotoEast, that’s pretty standard practice at conventions and tradeshows.”

    In my book, it will remain “standard practice” unless enough people raise a stink about their practice. It’s sad when it gets to the point that you have to read a mile-long Privacy Policy before you ever give a company your email address. The best ones are right up front: “We will NEVER share, rent or give away your email address. Period”.

    And with PhotoEast, it pretty much forces you to do business with Nielsen via email, since most everyone is coming from out of town, and needs to register in advance. If I’d been smart, I would have given my address as “NielsenSpam@mydomain.com”, so it would be simple to write a filter for it, when the marketing blasts started coming in. It wasn’t bothersome until it hit twelve or fifteen spam from various clipping path companies, digi photos labs, cheesey filter, fake-photoshop-border type companies, but after that, it really got annoying. You could tell that the companies were using the Shotgun Approach, and never bothered to differentiate between Olan Mills guys and advertising guys.

    If PDN needs email address sales to stay alive, then the rumors about them are even worse than what’s going around. It’s just classless.

  6. PDN Compass, in the form of PDN Forums, is experiencing a mass exodus of regulars. The free content came from knowledgeable professionals on the old forums, and likely provided a nice revenue stream for PDN and the ads at the top and bottom of each forum topic.

    Unfortunately, the new forums were launched without much testing, and definitely too many functional bugs. Their choice of forum software might have been one factor. To their credit, PDN did assign an individual to address technical issues and functionality problems on the new forum, though the results were limited and the forums are now one of the clunkiest and more difficult to use. The stated reasoning at PDN for their forum software choices was to combat spammers; oddly enough not much of a problem at all with the old forum software.

    So the knowledgeable professionals and regulars at the old PDN Forums have largely wandered off to other forums. Those more interested in technology found other locations. The students through PDNedu perhaps are just getting into this semester, and not quite aware of the forum changes. Many of the more business oriented wandered over to ProPhotoForums.

    I would expect the old guard of PDN regulars to keep checking in at PDN, and probably still grabbing up the printed magazines. Unfortunately, unless another major change happens soon, I think the website and the old forums are broken. It might be hard to build a community around professionals when you cannot easily accommodate them.

  7. @ # 5 Matthew

    I was also irritated by this paragraph and not sure if my english is well enough to understand – but this part was because I hadn’t registered until now. Very strange.