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  1. It’s unfortunate that we are going to take an amazing opportunity to discover new people/ideas/inspiration and turn it into the another beheading of the people that most in this community have never liked.

    Highlights for me

    – WassinkLundgren, a dou working on some really interesting ways of making and presenting photographs.

    – Natalie Czech, whose work collaging images from The Daily Mirror were amazing, though unfortunately only 10 people were in the audience for her presentation.

    – Donovan Wylie, who was so excited about and entrenched in his current projects that he was pulling hard drives out of his back pocket to show us different examples.

    – Joachim Schmid

    – Raphael Dallaporta

    – Laurel Ptak (iheartphotograph), who was on the same panel discussion as Tim Barber, was great. She was very comfortable, articulate, and seemed to have a real focus (kind of like her site…)

    Hopefully a better writer then me can sum up the festivals best moments for those who were unable to be in town I’m excited to see the line up for next year and I would recommend trying to make it to Dumbo next year.

  2. Good point Kreg. We’ve heard the low and the high now hopefully we’ll hear about the unexpected discoveries.

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