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Jacko has a new post (here), Heather Morton’s blog keeps getting stronger (here), Joerg is still going strong and always good to read (here), Robert Wright is still doing insightful posts (here), AVS has added some new material (here) (finally!), I’m really enjoying The Year In Pictures (here) and then Rachel Hulin is finding her voice (here) and I’m enjoying that as well.

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  1. Thing is you allow the hot heads and loose canons to post, even off-load on you which makes your site sticky and compelling. The others probably have a list of IP’s of un-sound people that are automatically blocked, mine probably included. But then perhaps a little calm would be in order, for now.

  2. A Photographer

    While I think your insights are tremendous and a lot of your posts are well done, well thought out and very relevant, I find it amazing what images you actually like. Either I am way off as a photographer or just plain crap makes its way to the top of the pile somehow. Very surprising and disappointing.

  3. Rob,

    I came to your blog a while ago in search of insights into the mind or a respected, candid and well-known art buyer. I continue to check in here because you provide all of the above and also because, through APE, I have been exposed to some incredible work by some incredible photographers previously unknown to me in the process. Thanks for that.

    In previous entries, you’ve been very candid and informative about your vetting process in determining a photographer’s ability to complete assignments in a professional manner, on time and on budget. You’ve explained in great detail some of the ways to get your foot in the door with art buyers, what makes a website appealing, what makes a promo appealing (or not), etc.

    What has been difficult for me to discern in your postings is what appeals to you in any given image that makes you want to investigate the photographer further ( should he be a new and unknown entity to you) by going to his/her site, calling in a portfolio…

    As difficult as it may be to put into words the mental process that occurs when you encounter any given image, what about it makes it appealing to you as a PE, how you see it fitting in as an illustration to an editorial piece, etc., I for one would be delighted if you might from time to time attempt to also share this type of information with us. Like #4 above, I am at somewhat of a loss in understanding how some of the work that was chosen for the free promo (even when I loved the image(s)) would fit into the scheme of things as commercial or editorial illustrations. Maybe that wasn’t your point at all but any future insights into what tickles your eye enough to consider calling in a book or handing out an editorial or even commercial assignment would be greatly appreciated.