Easiest one first.

Whenever I have a shoot in Hawaii that requires production work I only have one phone call to make, Hugh at FX Productions 1.808.485.2268 or info(at)fx-group(dot)com.

I can’t say enough good things about Hugh. He has a great team of people working for him (all his producers rock) they’re very professional yet laid back and know the islands well. I call them for everything; talent, grooming, catering, locations, permits… they do it all without a hitch.

A couple more links from my files:

Profoto and Grip

Foton Hawaii


Hawaii Sports Models
Kathy Muller

Feel Free to add to this.


  1. Not enough Profoto and Grip on the island. Finding it more often to fly it or fed ex it from L.A.

  2. Anyone know a good production house for a winter/extreme sports shoot in Chamonix, France? Looking for casting and models, locations, assistants etc…

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Hugh and his crew at FX are the nicest and most effective, professional producers in Hawaii. The first time I did a shoot in Hawaii it was a nightmare. The following times we used FX and the difference was astounding.

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