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I abandoned making a comprehensive links sidebar because Andrew Hetherington (Jackanory) already has one (here) and I just go there if I want to browse photo blogs.

As a bonus he’s got a post up today about NY/LA vs local talent.

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  1. Alice Cooper


    not sure i agree about that. just like in that terry richardson video, there’s something about removing the mystery about a guy that can sometimes kill the whole mystique. everyone’s seen kern’s site, and maybe i had him pictured as this marilyn manson type, living in a building like that old limelight club (church) on sixth avenue or wherever it is. you pictured (in your mind) these leggy waitresses coming to his place, and opening a kreaky-sounding wooden door, and entering the place, and the rats scampering away, and the cure playing in the background, and for some miraculous reason, they just take their shirts off.

    and then you see the video of him, and he’s just some normal, dweeby guy with a 35, looking like a web designer, or a latte maker in the village, and it just blows the whole vibe.

    note to self: no youtube videos of yourself, ever. if they ever see the real you, it’s all over with. keep the mystery. the truth is highly overrated.

  2. Alice

    I hear you so often the reality is so far away from the fantasy but maybe thats the
    thing. These videos are so unasuming its not at all what one would think and certainly not what I was expecting.

    Yes and I will be avoiding videoing myself too

  3. Note to self. Stop production of YouTube video of myself shooting a low budget beauty trade magazine cover. On second thought, maybe do the video disguised as Marilyn Manson with a couple models standing beside me the whole time.