$1 Haters

Art buyers hate $1 stock too. Clearing rights is messy not to mention the embarrassing possibility that another ad with the same image will simultaneously appear.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, it’s good to hear that some people still have control of their faculties :). What do these people think they are getting for a $1 or $49? If they are using it for advertising the money that they spend on the media buy or packaging or whatever is tremendously larger; by orders of magnitude. What a stupid a$$ risk to go with a $1 buy. They don’t know that a lot of these shooters just upload the shots from the camera to the web (often to multiple suppliers) with little or no regard to model releases, editing, etc.

  2. Stockphoto agencys usually demand model releases uploaded with photos and logo removal before they approve photos for sale.

  3. These, with the exception of the last comment, are all made out of ignorance. The posters obviously have not done their research into the microstock industry. Personally, I find them rather humorous. Get a clue folks. You can whine all you want but microstock is here to stay. It’s time to get over yourselves.

  4. These are all interesting comments many well made. We are in a time of much posturing and positioning. The 1% of microstockers who have talent will make it work. The 99% are simply there for kicks and I believe will soon get bored (or there wives and girlfriends will and run away) of all the time it takes to retouch (yes some do!) metadata and upload for scant reward – other than pseudo-kudos they may get in praise from their even less talented peers. Off course Frodo is right in respect of Microstock being here to stay but he mustn’t be complacent. Istock have already started to make changes with tighter editing, removal of download stats to help prevent copying of the better sellers (anything to save us from crap copies of crap!). In the end the best will want more for their efforts and be farmed into Macro (or perhaps an adapted Macro) leaving a rump of bland mediocrity which will continue to satisfy the bottom end of the market. Art buyers are already getting twitchy about Microstock and the better (more talented and creative players) will realise that they are not respecting their talent or their clients by opting for the lowest common dominator. Cream will always rise to the top and the glaring differential between creativity and crap make this an exciting time to be a professional photographer!

    PS: I have just bought a pen and some graph paper and are off to be a Architect at the weekend! And next week I might get a stethoscope…….

  5. “They don’t know that a lot of these shooters just upload the shots from the camera to the web ”

    “with little or no regard to model releases, editing”

    This is simply not true, may have been a couple of years ago, but not anymore.