Whenever there’s an event I need to cover there’s usually a conversation where I’m told “so-and-so” photographer will already be there or that we can pick up photos from the wires and I know the scene below looks ridiculous with all these photographers shooting the same thing but I have to tell you I always get better photos when I send my own photographer.

Maybe I just think they’re better because I had a hand in the process.


I totally dig Burnett.

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  1. Larry Fink.

  2. “I totally dig Burnett.”

    as you should. the real deal. and one of the smartest, not to mention funniest, people around.

  3. If he’s a photo journalist, then what have all these other people been shooting?

  4. Met Dave Burnett at an Army football game last week. Very nice guy and fun to see someone working a football game with a 4×5.

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