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  1. He uses a point-and-shoot to get that completely overused ring-light look? What a fantastically talented sonofabitch. I wonder if he flunked out of art school the first year or the second year?


  2. “dl”

    you should probably do some research into photography techniques before commenting. You need to use a “ring flash”. you can’t get the “overused ring-light” look with a point and shoot. If he’s going for a particular look then maybe thats why he’s using a contax G and T3. sometimes its also easier for the model to relax and “give” some better shots when there isn’t a huge camera stuffed in their face. I should also add that there have been many cases where established photogs use polaroids for acutal output. I hope you were being sarcastic.


  3. hell, i heard that he just got bad eyes.

    and after he saw what that little yashica t4 could do, then he said that he didn’t needed to carry a huge camera anymore. and focus for that matter.

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