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Condé Nast Traveler


Design Director: Rob Hewitt
Art Director: Andy Omel
Photo Director: Kathleen Klech
Photo Editor: Esin Göknar

Photographer: Williams + Hirakawa

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Heidi: You are a team, how does that work? Do you shoot simultaneously or ….?
Sara: Mark and I discuss what we’re going to do in detail before we go into a shoot. We look at references, we talk about light, styling, everything beforehand. On the shoot day, Mark usually heads up lighting and I direct hair, makeup, styling, and props (if we have them). Sometimes we shoot simultaneously but more often than not, it’s Mark that holds the camera and I’m directing. To us, it really doesn’t matter. We’re both there to serve the image, and that end result is what we’re both after.

How long were you at this location?
We spent about two days in Cabo. Traveler sent us to two hotels and we bounced between them to get the cover shot and the interior shots.

Did you know the cover line prior to the shoot, if so did that influence your creative process?
We knew it was for the Reader’s Choice Awards. We wanted it to feel celebratory and graphic. Kathleen Klech suggested the balloon which she saw in another one of our images on our website and we agreed it would be a great component for the cover.

Heidi Volpe

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  1. besides the really great picture – makes you wanna travel there! – i love how the designers worked around and within that image to hide all the typographic confusion that the covers of some types of magazines seem to carry around as a must have..

  2. works for attracting the magazine’s type of readers, for sure. Also, I think the link to the photographers goes to the wrong site (of course, unless the duo gave that link to ya). Cheers!

  3. great photo and cover. mark + sara are really talented photographers. state of the art color, style and energy in their images.