Facing The Future

- - The Future

Donald Weber, Canadian documentary photographer, VII Photo

PhotoQ interviewed nine photographers on how they respond to the tension between lowering income in the profession, and exploding interest in photography (more museums, galleries, magazines, web, phones, tablets). They were participating in the Day of Photography (in Dutch: Dag van de Fotografie) at the Amsterdam venue of Pakhuis De Zwijger on October 21st, 2011, as organised by the agency Hollandse Hoogte. More than 600 people visited interviews, presentations, discussions and other events.

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  1. I was not encouraged by this one bit…the best point and most obvious bright spot is the many new media hungry devices and outlets….

    For my taste he’s a bit too much from the “Optimists Club”

    Making a living has never been more difficult in colorado right now

  2. well it´s not easy the last years – to watch how clients are using the same images over and over, jobs are declining, as the fees, etc
    – BUT what is whining good for?
    do we feel better when we get up depressed? look at neshan tavakolian´s work with having in mind how difficult the situation in iran is – how strong and brave!

    so lets use our knowledge, passion and lust for photography and go for it!

  3. The future is what you make it, I think that if you take the lens cap (our own mis-perceptions) and filters(others inaccurate perceptions – news media, know it alls, self proclaimed saviors of a nation) off when you’re looking through the viewfinder of life’s camera things are a bit more clear.

    Everyone has complained about the decline in rates, yet what about looking at current day situation from the long term unemployed, people who used to make $50k + a year and are now making 20K as employees of Home Depot or Walmart. The perspective is a bit different. I think the whining about the state of the industry has gone on long enough. I hate to admit it but I have been part of the equation, whining that is.

  4. I’ve definitely whined to people/friends in and out of the industry but there’s no point. This is the way things are now and we have to deal with it or walk away.

  5. It is uplifting to hear Don’s thoughts on the current state of affairs and how he matter of factly states that we can choose to be optimistic and look for opportunities that are there, or will arrive at an indeterminate time.

  6. Great video and I love his optimism. Everything on TV or the news at the moment is so negative. So it makes a refreshing change!!