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Creative Director, Print and Digital Media: John Korpics

Senior Director, Design: Jason Lancaster

Art Directors: Mike Leister, Marne Mayer, John Yun

Senior Deputy Photo Editor: Nancy Weisman

Deputy Photo Editor: Jim Surber

(1-3) Photographer: Francesco Carrozzini

(3 spread) Photographer: Jeff Reidel

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. These are astonishing photos. I am so glad you posted this because I don’t read ESPN magazine and I would have been sorry to miss this beautiful work. The photo of Blake Griffin is particularly lovely.

  2. great photos. but oh how i dislike the “protecting my breasties with no reason” pose.. all the others are brilliant solutions of being naked and not showing anything. the first is a models-first-portfolio picture-pose, always looking awkward, not ideal as an opener in my opinion..

    • Donnor Party

      I thought the same at first, but I think the vulnerability of such a formidable athelete makes it work.

  3. Have to agree with grubernd – that first one’s a clunker. The protection of a US audience’s sensitivities to nipples and pubes looks weird from over here. The 2nd and 3rd images have the power to overcome this – the modesty is incidental – but the first just makes me feel patronised.

  4. these photos are terrible. Have you seen them in print? All of the HDR crap and manipulation done to these people makes them look like plastic robots. This is a MAJOR fail in my opinion.